Carbide Cutter

Carbide tipped Holesaws designed for use with our Line of Hot tapping machines. Water works Tools line of double toothed hot tapping cutters can be made in any sizes and depths for linestopping to hot tapping. all of our cutters featured a brazed in carbide segments for long life and exceptional performance. All of our holesaws can be returned for repair and installation of new carbide cutting segments.

Unique sharp edge with 20 degrees back angle, to achieve the effect of shock absorption, cutting process stability. cutting process stability. The deep chip removal groove and the big spiral angle ensure the smooth chip removal. Using the new ultra-fine particle tungsten carbide rod with high hardness and strength which make the end mills in perfect performance.

With More SuperHard PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) cutting tools and CBN (cubic boron nitride) cutting tools in various industries such as mechanical processing Widely used, PCD / PCBN cutting tools have become such as auto parts machining, all kinds of electric tools, electrical machinery processing line Industry and other necessary processing tool.